We treat you like a person, not a patient. Our individualized treatment plans help you feel whole.

​The department of psychiatry provides a comprehensive, integrated, multi-disciplinary service in the management of patients with psychological and psychiatric disorders, offering a full range of specialty services to meet the individual needs of our patients.

Our experienced psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers and nurses understand the wide-reaching impact of a behavioral disorder, emotional problem or psychiatric disease, and we will give your child and family all of the tools you need to manage your unique situation. Depending on your family’s needs, we’ll see your child individually or with your family, in or outside of the hospital setting. 

We’re known around the world for our strengths in patient care and scientific research, and we also take pride in our public advocacy. We are dedicated to erasing the stigma of mental illness by educating families, raising community awareness and increasing access to critical support services.

Get One Step Ahead of Disease

At BaliMéd Hospital, we understand the importance of early detection and timely treatment, which is why we combine world class medical care with preventive health checkups to endorse healthy living.

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