Emergency Room

Dial +62 855 390 6501 for 24 Hours Emergency Call

It is better to get to the emergency room and have the reassurance that the issue was not serious than to ignore symptoms and discover the opposite.

Our medical specialists are well-trained and ready to respond to emergencies efficiently and effectively.

A trip to the Emergency Room is always a trying experience. But while you can’t predict emergencies, we can be ready for you. All of our hospitals have fully staffed Emergency Rooms and ready to provide immediate medical attention to critical and life-threatening emergencies as well as treatment for urgent-care medical problems to patients 24 hours a day, all year long.

If you or a loved one has suffered a serious injury, been in an accident, or are dealing with an unknown condition, you may need emergency care. Our emergency specialists are here to take action whenever emergencies arise.

Our Emergency Department is set up for efficient access and rapid response to address medical emergencies with easy access to operating rooms and imaging services.

If needed, an helicopter service is available at BaliMéd Hospital. With a helipad adjacent to the Emergency Department, patients needing specialized medical treatment can be airlifted on short notice.

Dial +62 855 390 6501 for 24 Hours Emergency Call

Get One Step Ahead of Disease

At BaliMéd Hospital, we understand the importance of early detection and timely treatment, which is why we combine world class medical care with preventive health checkups to endorse healthy living.

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