Rehabilitation Medicine

Stop hurting. Start feeling like yourself again. Our multidisciplinary approach to managing pain eases your discomfort and stress, while elevating your quality of life.

The Department of Rehabilitation Medicine at BaliMéd Hospital provides comprehensive medical care for patients with various functional and other disorders affecting their daily activities, from alleviation of those disorders to support for social rehabilitation. Treatment programs, including functional training and instruction for daily life activities, vary according to individual needs.

We treat a wide variety of medical conditions affecting the brain, spinal cord, nerves, bones, joints, ligaments, muscles and tendons. By taking the whole body into account, they are able to accurately pinpoint problems and enhance performance without surgery.

We work with patients to determine realistic short- and long-term goals. Along the way, they help patients learn how to function with pain or disability, achieve successes in rehabilitation or exercise programs, overcome setbacks, and reassess goals, if necessary.

Get One Step Ahead of Disease

At BaliMéd Hospital, we understand the importance of early detection and timely treatment, which is why we combine world class medical care with preventive health checkups to endorse healthy living.

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