Catheterization Laboratory

Cardiac Catheterization

Cardiac catheterization is a procedure used to diagnose and treat certain cardiovascular conditions. During cardiac catheterization, a long thin tube called a catheter is inserted in an artery or vein in the patient’s groin, neck or arm and threaded through the patient’s blood vessels to the patient’s heart.

Using this catheter, doctors can then do diagnostic tests as part of a cardiac catheterization. Some heart disease treatments, such as coronary angioplasty and coronary stenting, also are done using cardiac catheterization.

Usually, the patient will be awake during cardiac catheterization but be given medications to help the patient relax. Recovery time for a cardiac catheterization is quick, and there’s a low risk of complications.

What is Catheterization Laboratory?

A cath lab is where tests and procedures including ablation, angiogram, angioplasty and implantation of pacemakers / ICDs are carried out. Usually the patient will be awake for these procedures. A cath lab is staffed by a team of different specialists, usually led by a cardiologist. A cath lab shouldn’t be confused with an operating theater, where the patient would have surgery such as a heart bypass operation, under a general anesthetic.

BaliMéd Hospital Cardiac Catheterization (Cath) Lab provides patients with state-of-the-art care, including:

  • The only full-service cardiac cath lab in Bali
  • A highly skilled team, available 24/7
  • Rapid door-to-treatment time for a better chance of surviving a heart attack
  • Emergency department physicians and staff with specific training in assessment of chest pain, EKG, and labs, to rapidly diagnose heart attacks
  • Communication between paramedics who perform remote electrocardiograms and transmit the information to our Emergency Department before the patient arrives

The information is to be used as rough guidelines and not for medical advice. 
Please consult one of our qualified healthcare specialists for an accurate diagnosis before starting on any treatment.

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