Caring with Integrity

For more than a decade, BaliMéd Hospital has had a great reputation for its physicians, innovative services and powerful commitment to the patients. We offer a comprehensive range of inpatient and outpatient services.

A professional medical teams

Exceptional healthcare begins with great doctors — known for their expertise, compassion and quest for new medical knowledge. Finding the right one is an important decision. Here in BaliMéd Hospital all of our doctor are ready to assist you.

We Are A Team Of Medical Experts

At BaliMéd Hospital, everything we do is based on the deep belief that improved technology leads to improved patient care. We’re quick to master the latest medical advancements, but compassion still rules. We remain sensitive to your comfort, health and happiness.

Exceptional Talents

Our reputation attracts high-caliber doctors who are approachable and friendly, a nursing culture exceptional for its highly personalized patient and family care, and leadership with a deeply personal commitment.

Exemplary Professional Practice

BaliMéd Hospital created a professional practice model to use as an overarching framework for nurses, nursing care and interdisciplinary patient care. It’s built around four elements — preventative, restorative, psychological-spiritual and growth-collaboration-education — with the patient at its center.

Highly Committed Staff Members

Non-medical staff at BaliMéd Hospital plays a vital role in healthcare access for patients by providing the required support round the clock. From our dietetics staff to accountants, these professionals assure that everything is set to deliver highest standards of patient care in a supportive environment.

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