Emergency Room


Our accident and emergency department provides immediate medical attention to critical and life-threatening emergencies as well as treatment for urgent-care medical problems to patients 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our medical specialists are well-trained and ready to respond to emergencies efficiently and effectively.


  • 24-hour On-site Team of Emergency Physicians
    • Emergency & aviation medicine
    • Surgery
    • Anesthesiology
    • Cardiology
    • Pediatrics
    • OB/GYN
    • General internal medicine
    • Intensive care
  • Trained nurses with advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) training
  • 24-hour onsite surgical team
  • Neonatal intensive care (NICU) transport team: domestic & international
  • 24-hour emergency cardiac catheterization at the Heart Center

Guidelines for an Emergency

When should you call an ambulance?

Instead of driving to the hospital for emergency care, there are times when an ambulance may be more appropriate.

Ask yourself the following questions:
  • Is it life threatening?
  • Could the condition get worse and become life threatening on the way to the hospital?
  • Could moving the patient cause further injury?
  • Are the skills and equipment of emergency medical personnel needed in this situation?
  • Would distance or traffic conditions cause a dangerous delay in getting ti the hospital?

If you answer “yes” to any of the above or if you are not sure, please call an ambulance right away.

Dial +62 855 3906501

24 hours a day, 7 days a week for our emergency ambulance service.

Calling an Ambulance

Try to stay calm, and speak clearly when asked additional questions by the operator. This will help the patient receive the best ambulance service.

Some questions you may be asked include:

  • Where is the patient?
  • What is the phone number you’re calling from?
  • Are you with the patient right now?
  • Is the patient awake?
  • Is the patient breathing?
  • What is the name, age, gender of the patient?
  • Does the patient have any known medical problems?
  • Is the patient a BaliMéd Hospital patient? If so, what is the Hospital Number?

Taking the time to answer these any other questions will not delay the ambulance response. Help is already on the way while you are providing this information on the phone.

DO NOT hang up before the dispatcher tells you it is okay to do so.

Language Support

If you do not speak English or prefer to speak in your native language, please ask for an interpreter and we will provide one for you. In case of an emergency, it may be best to ask a Indonesian-speaking person nearby to speak to the dispatcher and explain exactly where you are, so the ambulance can arrive without delay. While the ambulance is on the way, we’ll get an interpreter to help answer the remaining questions about the patient’s condition.

These are not a complete list of all the diagnostic procedures and treatments we provide. The information is to be used as rough guidelines and not for medical advice. Please consult one of our qualified healthcare specialists for an accurate diagnosis before starting on any treatment.

Dial +62 855 390 6501 for 24 Hours Emergency Call