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Preparing to Go Home

Going Home

Below is the check list on going home (discharge) for the patient with or without insurance coverage, the followings need to be discussed at your first admission date or during your hospitalization: medical report, fit to fly certificate (if you are a passenger from Ngurah Rai International Airport), CD ROM or USB flash-disk of Chest x-ray, MRI or CT Scan and home medication (with colored printed form of instruction)

Besides the above documents, the followings should be provided on a case by case basis: orthocard (for a patient with after spine surgery), appointment slip, receipt or invoice (for a self-pay or insurance coverage).

For Airlines Tickets, please contact our Customer Service for booking, confirmation or purchasing new flight tickets.

Repatriation Service: This service is provided with an aviation doctor or aviation nurse based on treating doctor’s travel recommendation.

Financial and Billing Matters

Payment is simple and easy at BaliMéd Hospital. For outpatients, a nurse will escort you to the outpatient cashier counter. Please make sure to present your insurance information to the cashier. Once you have submitted your payment, you will be directed to the pharmacy to receive your prescription.

For inpatients, we bring the whole transaction to you. The cashier will come to your room to complete the payment, after which all medications will be given to you in your room. If a family member or third party wishes to make the transaction outside of your room, they may visit the Inpatient Cashier on the second floor of BaliMéd Hospital.

Medical Records and Reports

BaliMéd Hospital will gladly provide all patients with a complete copy of their medical records. In order to process all of the information though, we ask that you request your medical history seven to 10 working days in advance. We also ask that you supply written consent for the release of your medical information as well as a valid photo ID.

We are also able to provide electronic files of any X-Rays or imaging work that has been done. Please let us know if you would like to have copy of one of our scans for future use.

For inpatients staying with us at the hospital, we can make sure that all records pertaining to your treatment are available upon discharge. However, we do request that you submit a request for these records in advance during your stay to give us time to assemble all of the information.

Pharmacy Information

BaliMéd Hospital makes it easy to pick up your medications after you’ve consulted with the appropriate physician. Once you’ve seen your doctor, they will enter your prescription into the hospital’s computer system. Outpatients should offer payment at the cashier, then simply head to the pharmacy on the first floor between the hours of 8am and 9pm to collect your prescription. For inpatients, both the payment and the delivery of all medications will be handled within your room for added convenience.

Healthy Living

At BaliMéd Hospital, our goal is not only to help our patients recover, but also to keep them from falling ill in the first place. We stress preventative care whenever possible and strive to promote wellness education. Many diseases and ailments can be avoided or alleviated simply by enforcing simple, manageable diet and lifestyle changes. Everyone can become a little bit healthier; we want to show you how.

To that end, we provide a wealth of information about easy to implement steps to improve your overall wellness. On our site, you’ll find practical information about how upgrade your nutrition (and exercise levels).

We know that one of the easiest ways to eat better, of course, is to learn how to cook better, which is why we also direct our patients to delicious, healthy recipes. A good place to start is to look for recipes that emphasizes healthy food.

And of course, the staff at our Wellness Center are more than prepared to help offer personalized health consultations. We’re always available for general checkups.