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During Your Visit

What to Expect During Your Time with Us

BaliMéd Hospital offers a variety of room options in order to make your stay more comfortable. Alternatively, you and your family may wish to stay at one of Bali’s many hotels. A wide range of options suitable for every budget and preference are all conveniently located near the hospital. If you are traveling from farther away, be sure to check out our Overseas Patient section for additional information.

To help our patients stay in touch with loved ones back home, we offer complimentary internet access and phones in all of our rooms. To ensure effective communication between patients and doctors, we provide free interpretation services in many languages. Our patients also enjoy access to a number of in-hospital restaurants and shops during their stay.

Where to Stay

A wide range of rooms are available for patients at BaliMéd Hospital, all with contemporary amenities and furnishings. The options range from comfortable three-bedded rooms to luxurious suites.

In House Entertainment

Your room is equipped with a unique in-house entertainment system that allows you to access free-to-air television channels and a wide selection of movie, variety, entertainment, sports and news channels on cable.

Internet Access

In order to help our patients stay connected with friends, family and loved ones all around the world, we provide free internet access for the duration of your stay. A username and password is required and can be requested at the customer service desks.

Language and Interpreters

It is important to us that all of our patients are able to effectively communicate with their doctors. To this end, we have a large staff of in-hospital interpreters fluent in many languages. We are happy to provide free interpreters for English, Korean, Japanese and Arabic speaking patients during normal business hours (8am to 5pm).

We will gladly arrange an interpreter outside of normal business hours, however this will be at an additional expense to the patient. The hospital can also provide interpreters for other languages, such as Russian or Mandarin, but this will also be at the patient’s expense.

Dining and Shopping

At BaliMéd Hospital our patients and visitors will find many restaurants and shops to help make their visit more comfortable. From coffee shops, to restaurants, to gift shops and banks, you will find almost anything you might need.

Telephone Access

BaliMéd Hospital makes it easy to stay connected with friends and family by ensuring that there is a phone available in each patient’s room. To call a patient, simply dial the main number of the hospital where the patient is staying. When you connect with one of our staff, please supply the patient’s first and last name to be connected to their room.

The numbers for our hospitals are as follows:

  • Call Center 1: +62 361 3117311
  • Call Center 2: +62 361 484748

All in-hospital phones are capable of making local and international phone calls. To make a local or international call, patients should dial 0 (operator) for assistance. Patients should be aware that there is an associated charge for both local and international calls.

Dietetic Service

Your doctor may refer you to our team of accredited dietitians for a dietary consultation with a view to preventing or controlling diet-related diseases. The ultimate goal is to improve your health through the adoption of healthy eating habits.

Your initial consultation will take place in your room and will include diet evaluation, nutritional assessment, diet counselling with a customised daily meal plan and a dietary handout.

Your dietitian will conduct follow-up visits and provide assistance with meal orders/special food preferences or modifications if required during your stay. Before you are discharged, you will receive advice on how to continue to manage your diet at home.

If you are discharged before an appointment can be made for you, or your doctor refers you, you will be able to consult our dietitians by appointment as an out-patient at our dietary consultation room.

Other Services

Your room will be cleaned daily by a member of the housekeeping team. Please inform our nursing staff if you have concerns about any aspect of the housekeeping service.

Depending on your room type, a complimentary copy of the local newspaper will be delivered to your room daily.

Laundry Service
You may wish to have your clothes washed, pressed or dry-cleaned during your stay. Just let our ward staff know and this will be arranged for you. Please be informed that these are chargeable and will be included in your final bill.

Maintenance Requests
All electrical lights and fittings should be in good working order in your room. If you find that anything is faulty, please let our ward staff know so we can get it repaired.

Your safety and security are our utmost priority. Our in-house security provides 24-hour coverage, both on patrol and through constant monitoring of public areas through closed circuit surveillance equipment.

Should you have any concerns, please contact our ward staff for assistance.

Fire Safety
The hospital has an automatic fire alarm system that is directly linked to the local fire department. When the fire alarm is activated, alarm bells will ring on all floors. Should there be a fire in your room, please leave your room, closing the door behind you to prevent the fire from spreading and to slow down the diffusion of smoke and fumes. Please remain calm and stand by for further announcements or instructions from the ward staff.

No Smoking
Smoking is prohibited by law throughout the hospital complex.