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Bills and Insurance

Bill Settlement

We accept various modes of payment including cash, cheque, major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, and JCB, private insurance, corporate insurance, and BPJS.

For international patients, we also accept major foreign currencies.

If your bill is to be settled by your employer or insurance company with direct billing arrangements with the hospital, you must produce a valid and complete Letter of Guarantee / hospitalization identity card from your employer or insurance company that clearly states your room type and your ID card number. We are unable to accept a letter of guarantee from any company or insurance company that does not have a prior credit arrangement with the hospital.


BaliMéd Hospital accept bill financing from local and international private hospitalization insurance and BPJS. As an established medical hub, BaliMéd Hospital are recognized by many insurance providers in the Asia Pacific region. Many health insurance products can cover you under a private hospital plan, which gives you the assurance to seek treatment in our facilities and to recover with peace of mind.

Call our call center +62 361 3117311 or +62 361 484748 to find out if your insurance or BPJS covers you and your loved ones for BaliMéd Hospital.