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Baby Room integrated Baliméd Hospital Consisting of 4 rooms: 1. R. Healthy Babies (Eastside Room) 2. R. Infant Infection (Southern Room) 3. R. Baby Resti (Living Room) 4. R. NICU (Room North) 5. R. Lactation Corner Ad1 children who were treated in healthy children: Baby Born SC Spontaneous energetic child (Healty Baby) Services provided: In the morning the baby was bathed in a tub (09:00 to 07:00 pm) afternoon, the baby in lap (15:00 to 16:00 pm) Baby dijmur morning sun (from 09:00 pm to prevent the baby yellow) Receive Piercing Babies Serving Home Care (Bathing + Infant Massage) at home ad2 The entire contents of this room is used to accept new babies born with SC whose babies require care incubator 1 hour ad3 Infants who were treated, infants who require additional observation Premature Babies Infant asphyxia Babies Breath Fast (TTNB) Etc. ad4 Infants who were treated in the NICU staff (nurse + doctor with certification NICU) Babies who require strict observation + device C-PAP ad5 Room that provides facilities to mothers giving birth to suckle There is a 21-inch TV + DVD (Video + baby massage early initiation) Pantum breast + food samples for puerperal women Electric Breast Pump Owned equipment (Current + termutahir) C-PAP Head Box Photo Therapy Monitor Syringe Pump Infusion Pump

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