Information About Our Rooms Rate

This rate only for inpatient rate
Room Name Administration Room Rate Visite Doctor Nursing Consult Total Price
Paviliun Cendana SuiteRp. 200,000Rp. 1,400,000Rp. 200,000Rp. 350,000Rp. 300,000Rp. 2,450,000
Pavilion Cendana ExecutiveRp. 150,000Rp. 815,000Rp. 180,000Rp. 285,000Rp. 300,000Rp. 1,730,000
Paviliun Cempaka ARp. 150,000Rp. 510,000Rp. 160,000Rp. 240,000Rp. 300,000Rp. 1,360,000
Paviliun Cempaka BRp. 150,000Rp. 475,000Rp. 150,000Rp. 225,000Rp. 300,000Rp. 1,300,000
Paviliun Cempaka CRp. 100,000Rp. 385,000Rp. 125,000Rp. 165,000Rp. 250,000Rp. 1,025,000
Paviliun Canigara ARp. 100,000Rp. 210,000Rp. 100,000Rp. 130,000Rp. 200,000Rp. 740,000


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  • Tariff above are subject to change at anytime
  • "This Tariff for Local & Kitas Only"
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